05 February 2009

New Review and On The Way News!

Alrighty Woody fans!

I've got a new review happening at I Think Therefore Review. My love hate relationship with Marion Zimmer Bradley continues. Here's my take on the Mists of Avalon miniseries.


Also, I don't want to say too much or jinx anything but I've had a tentative offer for my sf erotica novel On The Way To New Isosceles! The publisher asked for a few revisions, nothing to serious thankfully. Some point of view tightening and balancing of the him/her ratio, but these aren't drastic changes. It will take me an month or so to complete and resubmit. Wish me luck!

The only downside is that my editing of Horns of Myleness will have to wait a little while, but that's okay. It's turned out to be quite huge, and I'm already planning two sequels to complete the universe. That one's going to take some time indeed!


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