13 June 2009

Spend Time with me, Leigh!, this June!

Alright Beach Baby Woody pals, next week you can spend some personal time with yours truly indoors at the following virtual locations!

6/16 Leigh Wood at the Kristin Battestella Group
6/17 EP Erotica Authors at the Romance Bistro After Dark
6/18 Eternal Press Authors at the Rites of Romance

You can also stop by and say hi to me Today June 13 at the Amethyst Winter Loops


For a complete calendar of appearances for myself, Kristin Battestella, and the rest of the EP peeps, check out the Kristin Battestella Yahoo Group. I also have a files section their with some juciy excerpts!


Kristin and I are also doing a co op blog at here livejournal page this summer:




~On The Way To New Isoceles
by Leigh Wood
Coming Soon from Eternal Press!

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