15 December 2009

December Daze with Leigh Wood!

Arise Woodsters, arise! It's another day of Leigh Wood mayhem at the Kristin Battestella Yahoo group!

Of course, today is the day that I'm under the weather-of all days! I feel like I'm getting a cold, maybe it's the change towards a chill. The Winter Solstice is near! And what better way to cure one's ills then a cup of hot chocolate, a candlelit bath, and a good book, eh? Celtic Woman is on, too, but I don't like the new ladies so much.

What are you reading for the holidays, then, hmmmm? Anything? Don't give me the shopping, busy Christmas season yada yada. Actually I'm not reading anything holiday themed myself-I've been making my Christmas presents. Yes, I am the aunt making the pink bunny suit for the perpetually eight year old girl. I will say no more!

So then! Being that I am really only a domestic housewife who bakes all day and irons with her pearls on (and nothing else! gasp!) What shall the holiday virtual treats be? Cookies this weekend-something to use the chocolate chips, coconut shavings, peanut butter, walnuts, and almonds. I'm also plotting on a cake that I can either dye gree and cut into the shape of a tree or some such I haven't decided yet. We must talk about sex and naughty books while I think about it.

Join me!


Under the mistletoe,


On the Way to New Isosceles
by Leigh Wood
Available NOW from Eternal Press

11 December 2009

December Magic from Leigh Wood!

Yes, yes, we're still on the raod with my November science fiction erotica release from Eternal Press On the Way to New Isosceles!

We've slipped out of the Top Ten at fictionwise since the new batch of EP releases, but you can still catch us there on sale. You're reader ratings would be great, too. Of course, don't forget Eternal Press is offering a sweet holiday sale at their website. When you purchase On the Way to New Isosceles, you get a FREE Christmas read, too!



And of course, don't forget you can get a steamy read for your loved one this holiday season now that On the Way to New Isosceles is in PAPERBACK!


Whew! But no, hold onto your sleigh, because I've got more in store before and after our Christmas Reverence. My interview with NovelSpot is online, now! Don't forget you can read it all December long, and I'll be back at NovelSpot in February with a special series on the behind the scenes of my wacky writing life!


Here's a few more virtual ways to catch me while I'm on the 'road'.

12/11 Leigh Wood's Interview at Novelspot.net
12/11 EP Authors at the Romance Bistro
12/12 EP Visits the Love and Romance Cafe
12/15 Leigh Wood Guest Day at the Kristin Battestella Yahoo Group
12/23 Eternal Press Author's Blog Erotica Day

And let's just take a look into 2010, shall we?

1/5 Eternal Press Author's Blog Erotica Day
1/7 EP New Release Extravaganza Chat-Nothing new from me this month, but I really have a great time chatting with my fellow EP Woodsters and readers!

1/11 Leigh Wood Night Owl Romance Live Chat 8 p.m est
1/12 EP Atuhor's Blog Paranormal Day
1/19 Leigh Wood Guest Day at the Kristin Battestella Group
1/19 Leigh Wood Guest Blog at Dark Divas

I'll save February for later. Can't give it all to you at once!

Under the Mistletoe,


Sex in Space, Oh My!
On the Way to New Isosceles
by Leigh Wood
Available NOW from Eternal Press

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