09 December 2007

On The Way to New Isosceles-Chapter 3

On The Way To New Isosceles, Chapter 3. Do Remember this story is not intended for minors, prudes, the faint of heart or anyone else who takes offense at the word erotica.

JJ grasped for air and felt her body tighten with the lack of oxygen. She must move, but it was so difficult. Did she move or merely think her labored limbs worked as she wanted? JJ’s vision blurred, but the temporary metal structure of the Nuke’s weapons facility was before her. Some mirage! Determined as ever, the Lieutenant ran, crawled, stumbled, and fought the elements to reach the enemy shelter. Really she should be dead. Did the Nukes alter the atmosphere or release one of their precious pathogens? JJ banged on the door and slammed the locking panel. The controls broke, and the door slipped open with a whoosh of air. JJ collapsed inside and fumbled for an internal key to close the door. It was to JJ, almost as if the door took its time.

JJ pulled off her broken helmet and shook bits of glass, plastic, and rock from her hair. The red head was crusted with blood, and dirty cuts littered her forehead.
“Shit.” JJ peeled off the irreplaceable but ruined spacesuit. What good was the crappy thing to her now? Her regular uniform was also ripped and bloody, and her gun was lost. All her equipment was gone. JJ sighed.
“How am I going to get back to the drop ships?”

Once again, JJ pleaded with her silent friends, ney family. Her real family was buried on earth. Her team was all she had.
“Captain?” JJ picked up her helmet and whispered into the transmitter. “Lieutenant Johnson to Captain Westmayer?”
JJ bit her urge to curse and flung the helmet away.

“I’ll just have to do things myself.” JJ tiptoed down the enemy’s dim and plain hallway. Maybe her team was slaughtered. Most likely. Perhaps the drop ships were destroyed indeed. Maybe even the Mother Ship was under attack and losing against the newer Nuke ships. If that was the case, JJ could at least finish her mission. Hell, what else was there to do?
The facility had looked small on the outside. Temporary, as most of the Nuke testing labs were. Surely there was a command area. JJ had fought similar battles before. Turns, corridors, but no doors. Was all the Nuke magic underground? JJ looked at the patterns under her boots. Seamless! All these hallways looked the same!

JJ found a corner and slid to the floor. She would swear she went in a complete circle, but she had yet to encounter her discarded spacesuit again. JJ felt weak and examined her cut arm. She must have lost some blood, but the cuts were crusted with dirt and dried blood now. If only she could scan herself for infection!

The whoosh of the asteroid’s vacuum echoed again, and JJ heard the door seal shut. She closed her eyes, then stood and braced herself. If the mission was indeed a trap, then the tin can she was in was probably in fact, empty. At least, JJ could take this Nuke before he took her. Combatants had a reputation for their fierce hand to hand skill, and JJ was the best. She would let this Nuke know it. Clothes rustled, and the sound of a slow, long zipper echoed through the building. JJ’s heard her own spent suit tossed aside again and her helmet echoed away. The cracked headpiece skidded down the tin corridor passed JJ.

“Hello?” A cheeky man’s voice called. He no doubt enjoyed the situation, stupid Nuke. “I know we have a visitor. Who could it be?”
Footsteps came closer. Not too obvious to some, but JJ had a trained ear. The man must have be tall, not heavy, but built weight lay behind his steps.
“Come and play with me, please?”

JJ leaped around the corned. Her boot was high and her sharp kick struck the Nuke in the nose. He sprawled on the floor and covered his face as JJ kicked his gun away.
“Since you insist.” JJ smiled, determined to enjoy this last bout, but her enemy kicked away her ankles.
“Normally, I’d find this very cute.” He wrestled with JJ on the floor, but she was by no means easy to pin. “But I just want to get off this rock ASAP.”
“I feel the same way.” JJ elbowed him. She didn’t wish to converse, just insult. “About leaving I mean.”
“Feisty!” He twisted her arm, and JJ struggled against him. When was the last time she was this close to a man? Oh yes, she had roughed him up, too. The Nuke fluttered in her ear again. “Easy, Tiger.”
“I’m a dog person.”

JJ kicked her contester away, then stood and faced him. He was on his feet, ready as well. JJ punched and kicked in her personal combinations, but the Nuke was no slouch, actually. He blocked JJ’s blows, caught her foot, and threw her to the hard floor. The floor hurt. JJ recalled her outdoor ordeal, and briefly entertained the notion that she was not in fighting condition. The Nuke stood above JJ, his buzzed head and muscular physique ready for anything. He fought well, for a Nuke. My, JJ must be unwell if she could admit that to herself.
“As much as I don’t like to hit a woman, I hate the sight of my own blood more.” He wiped the blood from his nose, and JJ came towards him again. She would go on, just to shut him up. Unfortunately he stuck to his words, and the taunting Nuke blocked most of her crosses and jabs.

“Now I’m having fun!”
“Really?” Ha! JJ landed a perfect cut to the chin, and her fighting partner fell to the floor. JJ slid for his gun, but he was on her. He was heavy, yet his style held a slightly mocking tone. Why must her toy with her so? JJ clenched the laser in her hand, rolled onto her back, and pointed the Nuke gun. The man straddled JJ and pinned her to the ground, but he kept his distance from is own gun. He perched below her hips and weighed her down, yet he put up his hands in surrender.
“Still having fun?” JJ winked.

He was upside down from JJ’s perspective, but it was Captain Westmayer all right. He looked down at her, trying to look menacing again.

“Lower the weapon, Jess,” Westmayer ordered her. “Lieutenant Rubelli will not hurt you.”
The Nuke stood, smiled, and extended his hand.
“That would be me.” He winked.

JJ stood, but kept the gun poised. She looked between the Nuke and her Commanding Officer.
“Captain, I think I’m entitled to an explanation, Sir.”
“You and the rest of the unit, Lieutenant.” The Captain took the gun from JJ and squeezed her shoulder. “Stun guns, Jess. Tomorrow, 0800. I’ll fill you in on the details then. Suffice to say the Nukes are now our friends.”

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