21 July 2009

It's Leigh Wood Day!

Alright peepsters!

It's time for another Woody Afternoon with me, Leigh-Eternal Press author and NJ cohootster- at the Kristin Battestella Yahoo Group, home of fellow EP author and NJer. It's a conspiracy!

Now I now it's the thick of summer, and I've been on enough loops and groups now to know sometimes things are slow and people are shy-but I'm posting anyway! So feel free to stop by and check out my forthcoming science fiction erotica release with EP, On The Way To New Isosceles.

Our new cover by Eternal Press Head Cover Artist Dawne Dominque is posted front and center at my blog

And a copy is also in my slice of the files section at the Kristin Battestella Yahoo Group

Take a visit for some naughty fun and kinky excerpts!


~On The Way To New Isoceles

by Leigh Wood

Coming Soon from Eternal Press!


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