18 August 2009

An Evening with Leigh Wood!

Yes Woody Peeps, the day job is through, so it's time to dine, wine, sit back and relax with some naughty-but no less insightful literature!

We're getting closer-but still not close enough!- to the release of On The Way To New Isosceles. If you've haven't been paying attention (shame, shame!) On The Way To New Isosceles is my science fiction erotica novel coming November 7 from Eternal Press.

I'm from NJ, I write with Eternal Press. Kristin is from NJ and writes with EP. So naturally, I'm taking over here ;0) including some photos and files on the group, so check out the tools on the main page. You'll see my virtual and real life appearances and other Eternal Press events on the calendar as well.


I might break in a bit to heat up the stuffed peppers for the husband, but feel free to inspect and delight in all the excerpts, treats, and samples. There's nothing like a FREE preview of On The Way To New Isosceles!

~On The Way To New Isoceles
by Leigh Wood
Coming Soon from Eternal Press!

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