19 September 2008

Meet Horns of Myleness!

Horns of Myleness

A Woody Work in Progress by Leigh Wood

Don't let my silly title fool you! I've found myself in the midsts of another fantasy tale! Horns of Myleness has everything the romantic fantasy fan can ask for-at least, its everything *I* like in a romancy fantasy. Heroic warriors, imperfect ladies, decrepit evil kings, and oh yes, unicorns!

Will Inalinn go with her heart, renounce her Queenship in Og, and run away to the faraway land of Little Bark with her husband's brother Prince Tage? Should the Queen remain loyal to King Balris-especially since he has left her to defend her home country of Ott? Everything between her and Balris was perfection until they came to live at Og with the Father King Etsin. The elderstatesmen goes out of his way to make his lusty nature known to the Queen's handmaidens.

Would the country of Myleness really be rid of its dark skies and curses if the Horn of Myleness was returned to the dwindling magical unicorns hidden within its midsts? Why do these mysterious creatures seem to push Inalinn and Tage together?

Magic, quests, love, and confict-Horns of Myleness brought tears to my eyes on more than one occassion during the first draft. Feel free to take a gander at the rough excerpt posted here!


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William Vazquez

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Leigh Wood said...

I hate spam.

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