19 September 2008

Horns of Myleness-Rough Excerpt!

Horns of Myleness Rough draft preview!
(Not intended for those under age 18)
by Leigh Wood

“Inalinn, say you remember what I told you about the consummation?” Balris became serious, his face worn. “I know it is obscure. An absurd tradition! But it was my Father’s one request when he consented to our nuptial.” I did understand, even if I didn’t like it. One evening of discomfort to assure our royal authority. I would do this small shame for my husband. I will have no questions about the health of my King. Still, I seemed more at ease then He. I placed my hands on Balris’ fallen cheeks. “I am prepared, Husband. Please do not worry.”

The knock, however, came at our door sooner than I hoped. I awaited my husband in my nightgown as there was no need to bare more of myself to the this King then I should. Balris secured the knot on his linen robe. “Time so soon, My Lady,” He hesitated before the door, then finally opened it and stepped aside for the King. Etsin entered quickly, not knowing or choosing to ignore his son’s delay. “I hope you didn’t start without me?”

Thankfully Slivery remained outside. The King I must endure, but the Duke’s presence was equally not wanted nor warranted. He took care to step inside and observe us as he slowly pulled the door shut. The King rolled up the heavy sleeve on his velvet robes. “Now that the ceremony has concluded, I must handle official matters of state. The health and lineage of Og shall be secured. I shall test the purity of our prize from Ottodom.”

The King held out his skeletal, shaking hand. It shook not because he was elderly, but rather, a sneer of anticipation spread through the royal face as he approached me. He licked his lips and twitched his eyes as his fingers trembled. I stepped back towards the bed, not knowing but suspecting what the King wished to do. Surely, he was to observe our marital consummation only, was he not? Did Etsin expect to touch me? Lie with me? Enter his seed in my womb to assure his lineage!

Balris stepped between us and pushed his Father’s hand away. “There is no purity to be found,” This was Balris’ worry indeed, but he spoke plainly to the King. It was no lie. Should Etsin’s unseemly hand feel me, he’d know I had been with my husband before our marriage. Balris repeated his rightful claim to I, his wife. “I’ve taken My Lady previously.” The men stood their positions, Balris held his wrist as the King’s eyes remained upon me. I kept my head low, not wishing to see the wrongful desires in his face. “Very well,” The King finally wavered. “The dowry from Ottodom will suffice.”

King Etsin smoothed his robes as he sat in the chair before the bed. It was a hard wooden chair-none such as the high, gilded, padded throne. Yet, King Etsin reclined in it as if it was the most important seat in Erda. Balris sighed. He seemed relieved that he averted his Father’s interference, but his beard did not hide his frown. Now I regretted my agreement of this custom. Had I know Etsin’s true intentions, I would have pressed further in my own defense. If a member of Og must witness our consummation, why could it not be Tage? It wouldn’t be so bad if Tage was there. A young man who’s interest would be understanding, respectfulness, and consideration. Balris’ brother. My friend. He wouldn’t look upon me. I don’t suppose I am the vision of every man’s fancy-Only a perversion to a twisted old man. Tage would not be one to lie, but maybe he would only say he witnessed but would remain in the next room. I sat on the bed. Mu bed. Our bed that would be tainted now with thoughts of King Etsin. I sighed behind Balris. Observation was not the worst that could be. I chanced a look upon the King. He looked utterly relaxed. Blissful. Excited.

Balris stepped closer to me. Not afraid to bear his own body before the King, he dropped his robe and climbed onto the edge of the bed. I tried to focus on my husband’s build before me, but I saw the King shift around Balris. He leaned to the left for a better view. My husband’s broad frame, however, kept my modesty intact. Etsin would not see all of me. I slid towards Balris slowly. Usually I was rather uninhibited with him, but tonight I kept my gown around me. Balris tugged me closer and parted my legs with his strong thighs. I wanted to lie with my husband, but not in this manner. Nor, it seemed, did he. Balris knew, unfortunately, that if he did not enter me now, Etsin would. Balris pushed my gown up as far as it needed to be, then leaned towards me. “I am sorry, Inalinn,” Balris whispered in my ear. “Be not angry with me.”
“It must be so, Balris.”

It was too late! I could never suggest Tage’s presence as I hoped. Balris might understand, but the King certainly would never allow it. He would never let his intimate opportunity go to him. “I shall be quick.” Balris reached between us and massaged my swelling lips. My comfort was nonexistent-I was still aware of Estin and appalled by his presence-and yet! Balris’ steady work between my legs always pleased and excited me. Blessed it was that this was not our first time together! Balris slid his finger inside me and rubbed my natural oils along my open folds. He whispered in my ear again. “From this night on our time will be ours and ours alone.”

It was a perfect moment, until I was aware of the King’s movement again. His shifting anticipation did not go unnoticed by Balris, for my husband pulled my legs tight around his clenched ass. Although It was a handsome buttocks, this night Etsin did not want to see his own son’s ass. Balris held my legs tight; I felt his manhood rub against my thigh. He straightened before me and looked into my eyes. Our thought was the same as Balris pressed his smooth head into my satin crevice.

I didn’t move as I normally did. I’m not a lady who plainly lies upon her back and lets men do their will. Tonight however, I let Balris lead us fully. I looked up to the canopy upon our bed as he took one slow stroke, then another. Balris arched his head back slowly, trying to savor our incredible feeling as I was, yet not wishing to give Etsin a piece of our satisfaction. I held onto Balris’ forearms as he looked down at me. Perchance if we could concentrate on each other, each of us could forget the King’s rasping breath behind us. His air was quiet before, but now his nose was noticeable about the room, as if he were inhaling sharply with each penetration and catching our scent with each breath. Heavens, would he attempt join us or reveal his own pleasure before us? I shuddered at the thought and shut my eyes. “Inalinn?” I heard Balris’ whisper. “I am almost near.”

I opened my eyes again and focused on Balris. I could not withhold myself with my legs so spread about him. Balris was large and proud and normally a warrior above me as he was atop his horse. He sped his pace within me, and heat rose between us. Balris’ flesh smacked against me, and I smelled our comforting scents of mingled man and woman. Sweat trickled from my man’s brow, and he squeezed my hips with his rough hands. Balris arched his head back again, and I felt his hot seed spurt inside me. Balris leaned over me again and gently slid inside me once, twice more. He held onto me and closed his eyes. Momentarily we could enjoy each other’s feel, smell, warmth. I reveled in his power within me, but Balris suddenly withdrew.

He looked over his shoulder at the King, disgusted. “Are you satisfied?” I sat up and drew our blankets over me, but the King’s dissatisfaction was as clear as Balris’ disgust. Etsin sighed and put on his demeaning air. “Are you always this anticlimactic?” He stood slowly, as if his feeble frame was exhausted by his witness. Now, Etsin quoted and feigned his obligation. “I’m afraid I will have to feel the evidence, as the charter of Og requires.” The King gathered his robes and put his knee on the edge of the bed. A moment before he was a vile old man, but how quick he gained the strength to climb upon our bed! I instinctively recoiled against our bed’s headwood as Balris pulled his father away.

“Look at me for your evidence!” Balris stood exposed between us, unashamed to offer his own body on my behalf. “This night you named me King of Og. My Queen is not the property of the Father King.” The King straightened his robes, but his anger came forth. “You do not need to defend your honor here, Boy.”

Etsin put on his evil, patronizing tone. Usually he held Balris in such high favor and kept this demeaning tone in reserved for Tage. The exclaim was checked as the King swiftly recovered his royal demeanor. “I suppose my witness with have to suffice,” He said. “But I will not count this union secure until a new Prince or Princess is brought to me.”

At last the King turned to the door and opened it. I felt as if clean air ushered into the room; the aroma of sex had been tainted by Etsin’s foul breath. Duke Slivery waited for the King to pass, then they took his stench with them. Caring not if anyone else saw his manhood, Balris rushed to shut the door. He pulled the observing chair against the door, cracking the wooden back as he pinned it beneath the doorknob.

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