12 December 2008

Horns of Myleness Opener

Hey folks.

Here's the very rough opening to my fantasy novel Horns of Myleness. This is about the second draft, so be kind! Remember this is not intended for those under 18.

Horns of Myleness
A Tale of Love and Legend
By Leigh Wood

Chapter 1

Tonight will be my last night in Ottodom. Tomorrow I will leave this provin8ce of Erda and be Lady Inalinn no more. Roban, Duke of Ott, promised I, his daughter, to Prince Balris, son of the King of Og. Our fathers fought together long ago against the wild Boar men in the North Tundra. Since we were children, Balris has spent his summers here in Ott. My Love is tall and broad, fit for battle and love making. He charmed me with his humor and bawdy style. I know and love my betrothed, but not yet have I lain eyes on Og. Balris tells me fanciful tales of his capital city and the enchanted land of Myleness. Most magics and traditions of old have passed away in Ottodom.

Only the magistrar who faithfully serves my father’s counsel have I known. We are a province of education and craftsmanship; trade and literature pass readily betwixt our land and the island province of Cosma to the south. My lady-in-waiting Leanora hails from Cosma, but chit chat about the arts or sculpture is not meant for debates with a future King. We are a fine match, Balris and I. A warrior to match the foulest beast of Boar, there is no doubt; but Balris is witty and intelligent, learned as I am. I’ve never listened to the traders of old who brought tales of soothsayers-wizards with powers of the mind for keeping the fine balance of evil and morality. Tales of dragons are still found among the elder statesmen in Ott, usually after a banquet where many barrels of stout have been spilt. Its more honorary now, but Myleness warriors like Balris and his men still wear the crest of the Unicorn upon their armor.

Fortunately, we are at a new dawn. Superstition and magic power have been replaced by Cosma’s growing mecca of art, literature, and science. In those magical days of yore, I’d be expected to stay inside my bower, meek; conjuring potions of love and power for my husband and King. Soon enough my education and rule of household will be at use in Og. I can leave the maidens about me to cook and sew. I am a Lady. A leader. A queen.

It will take us at least four days to reach the borders of Myleness. Balris plans a stop at the Inn along the River Myle. We loved each other many times along those waterbanks in our youth. I’m tall, but Balris was a head higher even then. I remember our first consummation on the soft green moss. The birds chirped and blue water flowed passed us. A brief and faint rain; the wind rustled the collected drops from the tree canopy above us. Balris’ lips were gentle and moist as the raindrops upon my bare breast. My gown was crumpled beneath me, and my white shift was damp around my waist.
“Shall we stay out of doors?”

I wasn’t sure if Balris wished to run from nature’s bounty or if he was just being gentlemanly, but I adored the notion of our love under the clouds. We were alive, part of nature in every essence! The wind blew my blonde curls, and I laughed as I fought them away from my face. “Yes! Let us stay here forever. We shall be wild folk of the woods!”
“All right then!” Balris chuckled and tore his wet under tunic off. “Shall we always be naked?”
He kissed my belly and pushed my knees away.
“If you like.”
“Yes, I like.”

Balris had indulged me before, and I pleased him as well, but we needed no more banter. He looked at me from under his wet, shaggy hair; his eyes held the same nature’s lust that trembled through me. I shuddered from the ticklish raindrops and clung to Balris’ strong shoulders as he was within me.

It was perhaps painful, but I remember my excitement more than displeasure. Balris was large-towering even then-yet he began gentle upon me. His rough thrusts quickened as his kisses and hot breath rubbed against my neck and breasts. He was training to be a leader and a King. Balris had all the cunning and charm ready for his duty, but his fighting prowess and physical passion were unchecked in our early fucking. He was hungry, yearning, perhaps even vicious. The Prince could have any woman beneath him in the wilderness if he so chose. I like that he chose me. Our arraignment could have been cold, separate, loveless. But no, I like the way Balris loves me. He still loves me like our first consummation by the river. Hard, unbridled fucking is good for a Queen.

More to come!

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