18 March 2009

Leigh Wood: A Biography

Leigh Wood: A Profile
by Kristin Battestella

I first met Leigh Wood when we were both in the retail humdrum several years ago. At first I didn’t like her. I was there before her, and she was tough to train. Leigh is by no means slow or stupid, she just thinks rules are waste of time. Despite her antisocial beliefs, Leigh was soft-spoken yet out spoken, and we became friends.

I was ecstatic to find another person who actually wrote. Not a name on a message board, but a real person just like me. Well, Leigh’s not Italian-she's not sure what she is, really. Her mom wasn't around, and things are turbulent at best with her father. Leigh doesn’t say much about and I don’t ask. I encouraged her to write it all out-fiction, nonfiction, poetry. I suspect that very juicy memoir of hers will be published someday, hopefully in the near future.

After I left retail for better job, Leigh and I tried to keep in touch over the phone, but that didn’t last. I think she moved to a different town briefly then came back. I think Leigh took some college courses, and either couldn’t afford it or didn’t care to continue. Somehow we began e-mailing each other, and Leigh confessed about her writing ambitions.

Even though Leigh is little anti-computer, she published a few bits and pieces online. She won't pay for her own domain (which is partly why I’m posting this here!) Leigh’s laptop is always crashing, but as far as I know, she's never lost any writing work. That’s what really matters She's probably just exaggerating-just looking for a machine to blame. Leigh gets obsessive and can’t stop. She loves fantasy, animal prints, and weird pens.

My sister says she wants a body just like Leigh’s. I however think Leigh is too skinny, probably from a lack of Italian meals. Her lack of anything but skin and bones does help Leigh fashion wise. She's able to wear tiny tops and barely there jeans that most of us with big boobs and bootys cannot. Style, eccentricities, history-Leigh’s substance is her writing. It's bare, raw, no holds barred literature in genres mainstream has thought better off forgotten. I contest. Certainly Leigh’s writing would agree.

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