18 March 2009

A Little Bit about On The Way To New Isosceles!

On The Way To New Isosceles A Tale of Love and War-in Space! by Leigh Wood

JJ was as hard nosed as they come-and them some. But, hey , the destruction of earth did that to everyone. Humanity factioned into three groups. Affectionately known as 'the Shitters', the Shipper Brigade manufactures the best space faring vehichles for themselves. Skilled fighters and martial artists Combatants like JJ fight the Shippers for what they can-even though Combatant numbers were severly depleted by the third faction. The Nukes rescued chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons from earth's doom and aren't afraid to use them.

You can imagine JJ's surprise when she meets the Nuke Lieutenant Rub. Their intial meeting didn't rub either the right way. Despite her Nuke anxiety-JJ has to put it all aside. Her Captain and the Nuke Colonel have struck a deal to defeat the Shippers once and for all. The Nukes leave their tiny outpost on a far flung, degrading planet and join the Combatants in taking the lush planet protected by the Shippers.

It's a long, tough journey on the way to New Isosceles, and the animosity between Rub and JJ gets hotter by the day.......

An Isosceles' Who’s Who

Lieutenant Jessica Johnson - Nicknamed JJ by her Combatant comrades, the strong willed red head has seen much and harbors her share of ill will towards her enemy the Shippers, and her former enemies the Nukes. JJ was a child when the comet destroyed Earth, and the otherwise all business Lieutenant often has nightmares reliving the destruction if her hometown in Iowa-the crash site of the deadly meteor.

Lieutenant Jason Rubelli - Rub is the Nuke Ladies Man almost by default. His wit, fighting prowess, charm and good looks make he an easy leader to follow. Most of the Combatants has no trouble answering to Rub. JJ, however, resents his presence and his attraction to her. Rub’s not afraid to mix business with pleasure, but his attitude begins to change once he’s forced to bunk with JJ.

Captain Scott Westmayer - Scott Westmayer knew JJ on earth, and their history is very special to JJ. The only person allowed to call her Jess, JJ isn’t afraid to tell her Captain what’s on her mind, and Westmayer always lends an ear. A dear friend and command, Westmayer is always giving JJ the support she needs-except when it comes to Nukes. Westmayer wants to see an end to the war, and he expects JJ to follow his lead.

Staff Sergeant Miguel Carlos Santiago Rafael - Once the fresh Latino befriends Rub, he’s not afraid to discuss his sexuality with the Nuke. On the journey to New Isosceles, Miguel develops into something of a double agent. Trusted by both JJ and Rub, Miguel is able to give each of the Lieutenants valuable information regarding their turbulent relationship.

Colonel Jackson Gauthier - The commended leader of The Nukes is determined to keep the delicate alliance with the Combatants alive, even going so far as agreeing to put the opposing Lieutenants JJ and Rub together. When Shipper threats become a reality, Gauthier’s leadership saves the day.

Private Ina Wu - Witty Korean Ina Wu is a swift fighter and swifter woman for attempting to stay above ship politics and romances. She is perhaps JJ’s closest friend on board, often providing level headed advice and logical plans of action-in ship operations on and off the bridge.

Private Kimmie Dejonaire - Although she is slightly ditzy and known more to her fellow combatants for her bedroom services, Kimmie Dejonaire is an exceptional hand to hand fighter. She gladly trades techniques with her new Nuke friends and develops a special relationship with Nuke Corporals Tammy Lyn Filago and Miller Worthington.

Corporal Tammy Lyn Filago - Tammy Lyn is lovingly called TLF by her male Nuke pals, and not because its her initials. Her romantic history with Rub isn’t exactly clear, and it causes some awkward moments between Tammy Lyn and her newfound superior, JJ. Despite their similar hot hot status, Tammy Lyn and Kimmie become very close, even developing an unusual relationship with Mills Worthington.

Corporal Miller Worthington III - Mills is somewhat of a geek or nerd. His genius is behind most of the Nuke technologies, but the Corporal is also part of the popular Nuke set. Rumors about his physical prowess spread through the Combatant Mother Ships, and Miller quickly finds himself at the center of both Kimmie Dejonaire and Tammy Lyn Filago’s affections.

Corporal Edward MacDonald - Mac may appear stupid and living every moment according to his Machismo nickname, but the Nuke is shrewd in strategy and planning. Often the final piece of a Nuke puzzle, Mac also uses his wit for elaborate pranks and relationship theories. A long time friend of Rub, Mac also becomes a source of strength for JJ where the Nuke Lieutenant is concerned.

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