16 February 2010

Another Day of Sweets and Mayhem with Leigh Wood!

Yes, the cake is baked for today and now it's time to put aside the domestic and talk books. Kinky books, sexy literature! That of course means my latest release from Eternal Press, On the Way to New Isosceles!

I don't expect a lot of responses today. The weather has been interfering with critical things here in NJ recently. You know, important stuff like electricity! ANd also, I imagine folks are watching the Olympics and all that magic, and of course, yahoo groups are well, yahoo groups.

Nevertheless! I'm going to post my usual links and contact information, in addition to chapter excerpts, secret samples and treats from my next novel Horns of Myleness, just so the archive is there for lurkers and whatnot.

So, have a piece of cake0and eat it too!- and hang out with me, Leigh, for a few!


Sex in Space, Oh My!
On the Way to New Isosceles
by Leigh Wood
Available NOW from Eternal Press

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