25 February 2010

Swing On, Sweet Iscosceles at Novel Spot!

Come one, come all lovers of books, erotica, the writer's life, and literary debate-for my Behind the Scenes series at Novel Spot is in full swing!


Join me all this week for my personal insights into writing habits, promotions, science fiction and fantasy discussion, and of course, behind the scenes genesis on my current Eternal Press release On the Way To New Isosceles as well as my current work in progress, a medieval erotica fantasy called Horns of Myleness.

Here's a tenative list of my topics for the week:

Day 1- Meet me, Leigh! and On the Way to New Isosceles

Day 2- Why Erotica?

Day 3- Please (Don’t) Pass the Coffee

Day 4- The Not so Pretty Writing Life

Day 5- The Pros and Cons of Social Marketing

Day 6- What’s Next?

Day 7- The Importance of P&P

You can catch up directly and follow us through Sunday for more of my outspoken and kinky craziness!


Whew! While this may be a lot of magic, more is still to come on the virtual tour for On the Way to New Isosceles! Our internet trail just keeps getting bigger and bigger! In addition to our excerpts and samples at our seller pages with Eternal Press, Fictionwise, and Amazon, you can catch up with the entire, space faring and kinky gang:

2/22-28 Behind the Scenes with Leigh at Novel Spot!

2/25- Eternal Press Author's Blog Erotica Day

3/1 - Leigh Wood at Menagarie Authors!

3/2- Eternal Press Author's Blog Erotica Day

3/3- Eternal Press Authors Chat Live 9 pm est at Romance Junkies!

3/4- Leigh Wood at Roxanne's Realm!

3/7- EP New Release Day Chat Part 7-11 pm est

3/9- EP Author's Blog Paranormal Day

3/16- Leigh Wood Guest Day at Kristin Battestella's Group

3/22- Leigh Wood at Brigit's World

3/25- Eternal Press Author's Blog Erotica Day




And of course, if you're too shy to comment and say hi! you can always 'facebook me!'



Sex in Space, Oh My!
On the Way to New Isosceles

by Leigh Wood

Available NOW from Eternal Press


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