09 March 2010

Please Don't Pass The (Irish) Coffee!

Hello my Erotica and science fiction Woody Peeps!

If you missed any part of our Behind the Scenes week at Novel Spot last month-yes it's March!- you can still catch all the archived action full of gems such as this:

Now I’m going to say something that many writers, booklovers, and laptop-toting cafĂ© goers won’t like. What is with the jittery need for java? I’m not a super health guru, but I’ve never liked coffee. It’s grainy, smells weird, stains your teeth and makes you hyper. Least of all, I simply don’t like the taste- no amount of fancy flavors or creamers can’t help me forget that after a few sips, it’s just coffee.

While some writers readily admit they love their coffee and are addicted to the caffeine wake-up just like everyone else, I don’t care for the seemingly magical properties of coffee to make one an author. Why do we always have these grandiose notions of adventurous and talented but tortured writers who need a hang up, feed, or addiction? Yes, coffee isn’t the opiums and laudanum or narcotics of old-or even the perpetually standard alcohol, but we don’t all require any of these in order to function as a writer. In fact, I agree when the experts say caffeine is merely a legal drug, and the jittery rushes and quick crashes don’t inspire, they have you running away from your desk for the next pick up.

I say if one needs an inspiration pick up, do it in a more healthy or fun manner. Instead of being the stereotypical writer up all night brewing pot after pot beside an ashtray full of cigarette butts and another dangling from the lips, find your own authorly ritual or treat. I’m not as fit as I should be by any means, but a physical activity before a writing session gets the mind and body juicy flowing. A brisk walk experiencing the outdoors or life away from your computer- and hey, take out the ear buds and put away the texting thumbs for the full effect of the world around you. Even a mundane march on the treadmill could get you thinking about your far away creative world and where to go next......

Read the rest right here:


While you're doing the virtual surf, you can also stop by Eternal Press' new website and pick up a copy of On the Way to New Isosceles! The kinks are still being worked out at the site, but if you're over 18, you can log in and get your naughty on!


Congrats also to Tracey, winner of a free PDF copy of On the Way to New Isosceles from our guest day at Roxanne's Realm! Look for us next as we drop by the Kristin Battestella Yahoo Group March 16!


Sex in Space, Oh My!
On the Way to New Isosceles
by Leigh Wood
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Sally_Odgers said...

Hi, Leigh; My addiction is tea, which I've always thought was a lot safer than some stuff. Ever noticed how authors in films or TV drama always seem to be bitter, twisted, addicted, depressive, miserable gits? Ah well, I never was one to follow the flock.
Check out http://spinningpearls.blogspot.com/2010/07/take-two-leigh-wood-talks-about-on-way.html !

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