17 April 2015

I Think, Therefore I Review.: Lady Chatterley

I Think, Therefore I Review.: Lady Chatterley: Lady Chatterley Not All Porn (But Still Not For Everyone) Guest Review By Leigh Wood

On The cusp of my Lord of The Rings obsession, I’ve been passing the time by watching films starring the actors from Peter Jackson’s Oscar winning epic trilogy. When my quest for Sean Bean films led me to watch Ronin- in English and Spanish-I broke down and bought the first movie I had seen the Boromir actor in- the 1993 BBC production of Lady Chatterley.


Sure Patriot Games and Goldeneye are great, but it was director Ken Russell’s adaptation of the banned D.H.
Lawrence novels that embedded Sean Bean in my brain. Sex, adultery,
class divides, and naughty language sent not one, but three versions of D.H. Lawrence’s Lady Chatterley’s Lover underground. When the third and most tame version was finally published in 1928, scandal and controversy erupted on both sides of the Atlantic....

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