10 November 2009

On The Way To New Isosceles Available More Places!

It's beginning, Woody Peeps! My science fiction erotica novel from Eternal Press On the Way to New Isosceles is now Available through Ebookwise!


It's a Big linky, but it looks like the first FOUR Chapters of Isosceles posted there to tempt ya! Look for us to follow at Fictionwise, Barnes and Noble, Amazon and more in the coming weeks! We're also available to order through Payloadz, too!


On the Way to New Isosceles will also be available in all those magical mobi pocket formats and things for your reader that I don't really understand about. I'm just glad Eternal Press makes it easy for you to find us in your preferred format at your favorite eseller!

Tomorrow Wednesday November 11 we'll be stopping by the Amethyst Winters Loop late for a little chit chat. And don't forget you can RSVP to our Triple play chat extravanagza next week on Facebook.




On the Way to New Isosceles
by Leigh Wood
Available NOW from Eternal Press

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