16 November 2009

On the Way to New Isosceles Chats TONIGHT!

Okay Woody Peeps!

Not only do we have our Fallen Angels Reviews Chat tonight plus more interactive action tomorrow, but We're on sale today at Fictionwise. Get your discount while you can!



AND! And! We've moved up in Fictionwise's Eternal Press bestseller rankings from Number FOURTEEN to number SIX! How cool is that!

If only reader ratings were showing for us. Yay! I hope to see some of those readers tonight, send a big virtual hello to ya!


Sex in Space!
On the Way to New Isosceles
by Leigh Wood
Available now from Eternal Press


Caffey said...

Hi Leigh! It was an absolute joy to meet you at chat tonight! I had the most fun! Loved hearing about your books and all you're doing writing! This space world sounds fab!! Looking forward to chatting again soon and reading your books! I'll be watching for that medieval too!

Leigh Wood said...

Hi Caffey! Thank you for taking the time out to stop by and chat tonight. I had a great time. I'm glad you like my literature of the fantastical and naughty persuasions! Stay tuned!

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