07 November 2009

Raw On the Way to New Isosceles Chapters FREE!

Wow, talk about a Woody flashback! I just went over to my old webspace at

I forgot I had posted the first FIVE Chapters of an early draft of On the Way to New Isosceles. It might not be perfect, and most of it has probably been edited and changed and perfected now by the gang at Eternal Press, but does it whet your appetites for more? I hope so!

JJ was as hard nosed as they come-and them some. But, hey , the destruction of earth did that to everyone. Humanity fractioned into three groups. Affectionately known as 'the Shitters', the Shipper Brigade manufactures the best space faring vehicles for themselves. Skilled fighters and martial artists Combatants like JJ fight the Shippers for what they can-even though Combatant numbers were severely depleted by the third faction. The Nukes rescued chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons from earth's doom and aren't afraid to use them.

You can imagine JJ's surprise when she meets the Nuke Lieutenant Rub. Their initial meeting didn't rub either the right way. Despite her Nuke anxiety-JJ has to put it all aside. Her Captain and the Nuke Colonel have struck a deal to defeat the Shippers once and for all. The Nukes leave their tiny outpost on a far flung, degrading planet and join the Combatants in taking the lush planet protected by the Shippers.

It's a long, tough journey on the way to New Isosceles, and the animosity between Rub and JJ gets hotter by the day.......


On the Way to New Isosceles by Leigh Wood

Available NOW from Eternal Press!

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